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  Congratulations! You have reached just another site, the revolutionary website soon to be a major motion picture starring Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis!


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        Located to the left are words called 'links'. Clicking on one will move you to a different page on this website. You don’t have to click on them in a particular order. However, most humans have an automatic reflex to go to ‘pictures’ first.


        Once you have relocated, you will have to endure a whole lot of reading. If you feel you are beginning to lose focus, rest your eyes for a few minutes and then go read something more worthwhile. Such as the bottom of a cereal box. 


        Please refrain from flash photography. The sudden bright light creates a glare on the computer screen and oftentimes disturbs my train of thought.


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  I started the construction of this site with every intention of making it different from the bjillions other personal sites you have no doubt encountered. 
   However, I quickly came to the realization that this was impossible. Every imaginable thing has been done and redone. So welcome to just another site.
   Prolonged use of this site may cause drowsiness. Do not visit when operating a motor vehicle or large machinery.
   No animals were harmed in the making of this site.

   The opinions expressed on just another site do not necessarily reflect those of the author, the author’s family, his friends and distant acquaintances, or anyone in the immediate galaxy. The aforementioned people will therefore not be held responsible for any content visitors find offensive, ill-conceived, or downright stupid.

What do the critics say about just another site?
"A nice balance of humility and sheer hilarity."
"I love your website."
"I love Eric's website. He is brilliant."
"I LOVE this site. Eric is a genious!!!"
"[This] site is hilarious!"
"It's hilarious!"
"Two thumbs up... way up!"
"This is an awesome site!"
"Hey, look... I'm a male and I give reviews, too!"

Yes, We have a guestbook! It’s conveniently located right at the bottom of this very page.

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Last Update: 9/24/06
New observation.
Two new Dr. Eric questions!
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